Saturday, December 29, 2007

Music: I'm So Fat

These children on the internet have too much free time and I LOVE IT!!!
And for your veiwing pleasure the I'm So Hood SouthPark Remix.

Monday, December 24, 2007

We are never more like GOD, than when we GIVE.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rants: Dude Pull Down Ur Skirt - Ur Panties R Showing

I hate when men a like chicken heads!!
Late at night I hear my phone ringing. I don't even look to see who calling because I chillin' and about to go to bed. Then it rings again. Nope still didn't answer it. Then my cell rings for the 3rd time. Clearly, whoever is calling thinks I'm a sleep and wants to wake me up. It might be an emergency so I answer:
Male: oh you got a new boyfriend or something why aren't you answering my calls?
S.K. : *rolls eyes*
I grew up with enough iggnant ass men to know, Don't answer no bytchs questions. So I change the subject, until he calms down and we get off the phone amicably. The guy live a few hours away, and lives with his girl. HE IS NOT MY MAN. And truthfully I'm NOT checking for him. So....WTF IS HE DOING??
My main problem with his phone calls was that it was done out of pure HATE!! If I'm not your chick and you think I'm laid up with the next dude, why would you try to blow up MY SPOT??!!

Stalking: Keston Karter

I took this picture of my new Big Daddy this morning, when I left bed with a big smile on my face :oP But since I'm not selfish I decided to share this sexy Trini with you guys. Btw Trinis and Yardies have great chemistry - just thought I'd put that in there. Any way..... Lawd its hard to focus right now..... Umm yeah so he lives in New York as he's pursuing in modeling/acting career and he's also a talent musician. Ya'll I can't front, I'm soo distracted right now. Would I smash? YES and that all we need to know. Here's his Official Website and his MySpace. Do what you need to.

p.s. On his site he say he single and dating >> basically ladies there's a high chance of fukkability here :o)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Music: Big Lou - Stop Hittin Me

It's cold in NY and I'm scared to go outside, so I checking out one of my fav blogs and I stop by NahRight. There's a video from a person I never heard of with no features from T-Pain, Akon or DJ Khalid, but some how I managed to click play. This song - I don't really want to call it hot because of the subject but it HAWT in that REAL LIFE kinda way. If Tupac would have made a song about domestic violence - this would it. I don't really want to make that comparison but that's the best why I can describe it.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rants: Pick those balls off the floor first

Do you ever have a moment of pure genius? Where you say something so profound that you must bask in your own greatness well? Well I had that moment today. *pause so that the light of humility my shine down on me* There were a few men talking about saggy tittayballs, and I could sense women tensing up, and I blessed the world with my version of truth & reality....
...some of you men can swing those droopy ballz over your shoulders, but you
don't hear the ladies talking.

People we need to get over the idea that people need to have a perfect body to be sexy. NO ONE is airbrushed perfect in real life. And if they are guess what? They're either going to be completely F**Ked in the head or out of your price range/totally not interested in you.

Peace & Blessing.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Music: Syleena Johnson

Syleena Johnson - I Am Your Woman
I can't even recall the mental process that brought me back to this song. Digging in the mental crates is no joke!! I really did have big homes for Syleena Johnson when she first came, and I love this song. R. Kelly wrote/produced it back before we knew how gross his as way. So enjoy the flashback or maybe I hipped you to something new. :o)

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Pimp C

Heaven's Rhyme Cipher Just Got Tighter

RIP Chad "Pimp C" Butler

I can't front, as a fan of rap music I had genuine love for Pimp C. Lyrically and flow wise he was always on point and did nothing but represent the south. Then as a personality in rap music, I love his, "I don't give a f**k, I'm going to speak my mind" style. No matter how out there or shocking one of his comments were there was always some truth and/or humor to be found. I'll miss what he added to the game. I used to love talking ish to people online and signing it Pimp C's personal secretary. Here's one of my favorite songs that Pimp C blessed.

Real Woman - UGK feat. Talib Raheem Davaugh


Saturday, December 01, 2007

December is here....

Hey, I'm trying to update my Blog Roll.

So if you want me to add you blog or know of a good blog share the info in the comments or email me.
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. . . .as far as random evaluations of my character goes, this is pretty accurate.

Lets101 Quizzes - fun online quiz

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I don't get in on the "are they black argument" but how Is Oprah going to help Obama get the black vote? No, seriously. Aren't they kinda in the same situation.