Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Children are the Future??

Normally I try to craft my post into an expression of Gawd's Goodness on Earth, but this one will be on the simpler side of things. I came across someone's profile and had the pleasure of reading this...

Wat it do dis yo boi Javan am 17 single from FL, MIA were da
most pretty gurls B, but yea i play football 4 mi skool i go to ATL high ''dime heaven'' sum ppl say am mean but das only if u get on mi bad side other den dat am am koo person but if u feel u wanna no more about me holla at cha boi javan 4rom ''DADE COUNTY''

Umm...I just copy, pasted and this is "original" text. BTW- My favorite word is 4rom.