Thursday, November 30, 2006

Kanye's LV Days Are Over!!!

Maybe Kanye wasn't hugged enough as a child, that's the only why I can explain his need for attention. Kanye arrived at a Fendi party in Tokyo with the Fendi logo shaved into his apple head.

I guess Louis Vuitton didn't give him the award for Best Celebrity wearing our shit.
**UPDATE** Some people's computer skills are super!!! hahaha

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I would like to take this opportunity to compliment Mariah on her ability to suck in stomach so gracefully.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Paris & Britney BFF 4 Eva

I'm really considering writing a book on the importance of friends. And you can best believe that Britney Spears will be getting a signed copy. Britney has been hanging out with Paris Hilton, clearly for media attention but come on. How does Britney hang out with Paris and end up looking like the dirty whore!?!?! (Sorry Paris) For some reason Brit looks like a 80's prostitute to me. Think back to "Trading Spaces" the Eddie Murphy movie, doesn't Brit dress like Jamie Lee Curtis character? hahaha And the worst part is, you know Paris is laughing at her.


In the past 2 weeks I've realize that I'm over all my past relationships. I have managed to do so wiser, believing in love more than ever and not bitter. I Love this India Arie song and it has my "raw emotion" covered.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

WTF??? Paris and Flava?!?!

Okay they technically aren't kissing, but knowing the both of these people's track records would you really be suprised if they were "dating". Apparently Paris ran into Flava backstage at the AMA. But seriously why are either of these people still getting attention? What exactly are their talents?. . . by the way doesn't Paris' knee look kinda rough?

Monday, November 20, 2006

Tom & Katie Wedding Photo

I just wanted to share my thought on Tom Cruise and Katie's Holmes-Cruise's wedding photo. Here goes:

This wedding is so damn fake...who the hell gives their wedding photos to the media they day they take them?...Katie has the worst f***ing posture...Oh hell no!!!...did this b***h really scrunch up in her wedding picture to make Tom's gay ass feel good!!??...oh hello no!!!...No, wonder he left Nicole Kidman, that b***h ain't slouching for nobody...At least Nicole has moved on to better - oh wait her new husband is in rehab.

I quit!!!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Swagger Aides: Toothpaste

This guy at my job has bling-tastic white teeth, so I had to ask him what he used. He said that he swears by Arm&Hammer Advance White. So I tried it, my teeth were white before but now there like extra bright white and I haven't even used half the tube yet. It's really good and you know a sexy smile is a major part of any one's swagger.

New Mary Pics

I luv, luv these publicity photos for Mary's album "Reflections - A Retrospective" . My favorite is the fur hoodie.

Spotted @ Urban Bridgez

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Dating: Sam

Today I'm going to tell you a story about Sam*. Ok, the other night I was getting off the train and I saw this guy like glance at me and charge my way. Me being the New Yorker that I am - I tucked my chain in my shirt (ain't nobody snatching my diamonds) and grip my keys in my pocket (I will poke somebody in the eye out with my house key). To my Surprise when he approached he politely introduced himself as Sam, I really wasn't interested but the boy kept walking and talking to me, oh wait did I tell you it's raining and he has no umbrella - yeah. So despite my rudeness and trying my best to make him go away, he tells me that he just graduated college and goes to a really good church by me (they filmed the wedding scene for American Gangsta there). I give him the benefit of the doubt, assume he's a good guys and take his number. I block my cell number and call him- so far so good. The convo is ok minus the moments Sam pauses to yell at his mother to close his door hahaha This is where it gets crazy. Sam tells me he has a degree in Computer Science and loves to "produce" gospel music - but he works at a candy store. OK??? So I ask him if he could have his dream job what would it be? Why does this fool black out on me??!!! ....Sam "I'm only 26 I don't need to know what I want to do with my life until I'm 30. What kind of question is that anyway? Blackwomen are to caught on with a blackman's money. I hate when Blackwomen do that!! etc etc" Excuse me? I put him in check, Sam apologize because he has issues that he's not doing jack with his life. I am now politely trying to get off the phone and he hits me with. . . . . . ."so what kind of (sex) freak are you? Cuz everybody got some kinda freak in them." Sam produces gospel music.

Hanging up the phone felt really good.

*I ain't changing no names for anybody!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

The Pitt Family Field Trip

The Pitt Family are still in Mumbai, India, while Angelina Jolie finishes filming A Mighty Heart. Their multi-cultural family is really starting to grow on me. But I still can't figure out why Zaharia always looks pissed off. I can't wait until she grows up to be a black diva and Brad can't handle her.

New Album Cover

I guess this is the latest edition of Mary's Album Cover. I was trying to figure out which cover I liked better but they look to different for me to compare. Someone said that the other cover looked like the grandma's wood panel basement. haha She definatly looks great, and I love that she's showing her beauty scar.

Friday, November 10, 2006


Beenie Man wife D'Angel gave birth to a healthy baby boy Nov. 9th in Jamaica. This was the couple's statement. "Mr. and Mrs. Moses Davis would like to announce the birth of their son, Marco Dean on November 9, 2006. We are indeed grateful to God that he is healthy and that there were no complications during birth. We are certain that he will bring joy to our lives and strengthen our love for each other. We would like to thank family, friends and our fans for their prayers and best wishes at this time. We love you all."
You have no idea how proud I'm to say wife in this post.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

This is Mary's Album Cover for her Dec. 12 release. This is way Mary is and forever will be THAT BITCH!!! MauMau!! Mary's MySpace

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

amFar Benefit Auction - NYC

Sharon Stone - Roberto Cavalli - Kimora Lee Simmons

I Luv Kimora and I think she looks great, but I know she was cold as hell. Everybody's fully covered and she's wear BabyPhat Spring 2007.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I know voting seems weird since Sean "Diddy" Combs started his Vote or Die Campaign, but I've been a proud voter since I turn 18. I was so excited to vote for the first time, I guess because I'm from one of those Black Families that talk politics at dinner and I've stuffed envelopes for my mom's favorite local Independent. So I take voting seriously, even though I have suspicion that my vote may not count (my voting place is some undercover-bootleg-criminal activity type-ish. Real shady!!!) But the major reason I vote is to say that I did. A lot of the time when dealing with the government people will check you voting records before handling your situation. Or when complaining about the state of the government there's always someone asking "well did you vote?" .... So Vote- it does matter.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Why? Why? Why?

Pumpkin and New York from 'Flavor of Love Season 1 & 2' kissing @ The Reality Re-Mix 'Really Awards' Les Deux Cafe - Hollywood.

I'm sorry but looking at this photo all I can think is A.) Straight Trash B.) Hoes need tooo much attention.