Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Music: Rah Kelly

Before I even get into this post I have something off topic to say. If you are a blogger and you post on a regular basis - YOU ARE THE SHYT!!!....that is all.

* * *

Am I the only person who feels like R Kelly is taunting the general music listening public??...No seriously. I really think Kells is f**king with my emotions. If you listen to "urban" radio stations you hear all the new songs that R Kelly is rap/singing on. And to be honest I like some of the songs. Until he says something side ways and I recall the Golden Shower. For example the Swizz Beatz "Snitchez remix" ft R Kelly and Lil Wayne. Loving Lil Wayne parts, Kelly however is stressing me out. This is R Kelly's part with my comments.

Hi, hi nice to meet ya
It's Kells the freakerLike messing with 16yr olds freaky??
Mr. 'Bump-and-Grind', - Nasty Ass
Mr. 'Song-of-the-Weeker'
R&B singer Mr. 'Defeater' – Like you're trying to beat child sex charges?
Sixteen years and still coming through ya speakers - You & 16yr olds!! SMH
Mr. 'Pied-Piper' Bitch I'm on fire – You probably got nasty man's disease
Don't trust me I'm a "Billboard Shiester" – Oh I don’t trust you!!
I got Dreamgirls - More lil girls huh?
What you wanna do Got them chick singin'
"and I am tellin' you..."
Up in the club Flossin' like a Don
Album bout to drop so you bitches better run – Like you drop your draws for 8th graders
Making her moan while I have sex to the song
After the sex, I beat my chest like I'm King-Kong Cause you feel big & strong next to young girls??Ice so cleared out everybody move

....or maybe I'm just looking.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Monica - Before You Walk Out Of My Life

I haven't posted in a while so I decided to give you guys that read a special treat...Monica!!!!

Remember when she was a Ghetto Sweetheart and actually sang....ah the memories.