Sunday, October 29, 2006

I Luv a Good Come Back!!

17th Mercedes-Benz Carousel of Hope Ball

Usher, Clive Davis & Whitney Houston

Doesn't Whitney look great? She looks Fabulous. That's all I have to say. And I Luv, luv, luv Clive Davis - say what you will but no matter what he's by Whitney's side.

Friday, October 27, 2006

just 4 giggles

I know everyone has seen the pic of Lil Wayne and Baby "appearing" to kiss. Some say its a fake and photo shopped to death blah, blah, blah. All I know is that whenever I see it I laugh until my chest gets tight. **LMAO** Oh Lawd gimme me a moment. Ok - I think its real for the following reasons. These two kiss on the mouth in public on a regular basis, they admit to kissing on the mouth on a regular basis and the main reason I believe this photo is real EVERY ONE'S body language in this photo is crazy. The two dudes on the left are looking away like "if we ignore them maybe they'll stop." The 3rd guy from the left is looking like "what do you mean grown men kiss and there is no Santa Claus?" LMAO whoa ok I'm back. And finally the last two guys "Oh F*** Naw!!!!".....real or not this shit is hilarious.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

WTF??!! Lil' Kim

I luv Lil Kim to death and I've defended her in MANY arguments with friends, but this girl is making me work to hard. Okay I'll ignore the pimples under 3 inches of make-up, the $2.99 diamond-ish earrings, the fact that her neck has all but disappeared and I'll even over look the poorly drawn eyebrows - I'll ignore ALL that. But come on Kim a box of Cream of Nature cost what $7.95 max. The top of your head should neva look like Africa when the bottom looks like Hawaiian blonde - yuck!!. . .Where has your swagger gone?

Monday, October 23, 2006

ahh bwoy

Nick Cannon & Kim Kardashian birthday party at TAO

Okay we know all the usual suspects partying here, but my question is - who invited the crackhead?

the importance of friends

First I want to say that I have a unique sense of humor, because this picture is funny as hell to me. I took this pic with my camera phone in the Meat Packing Distinct in NYC. Me and my friends where trying to hit up one more spot before calling it a night (mind you it was 4:30am) anyway walking down the street I saw a crowd of people standing around this guy all laugh at how fucked up he was (no one is helping him). I am damn near tears because the scene was hilarious - people even posed for pics with this lush like he was the Leaning Tower of Pisa or something. I laughed, got my pic and moved on. On the way back to car, we passed this guy again, only this time some crazy Russian chick was now kicking the hell out him because she had a bad night- her boyfriend eventually made her stop. Did I mention he's STILL not moving. I'm no longer laughing and being reflecting on the important of friends. . . . and friend should never allow this to happen. This is NY - bad things happen on a regular especially when clubbing and alcohol are involved - robbery, rape, assault, death. OK everyone needs to be responsible for themselves, but a real friend is someone who'll catch you when you slippin.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I Heart Kimora!!!

I love me some Kimora Lee, everything about her is too damn extra. So she's doing an Ad for milk, even her glass has to be blinged out. I hate and love it all at once - because truthfully if it was me I would do it the same way. There's one thing about this pic though that makes me laugh. Why is Kimora posing like she a singer? here's the Milk Ad that will probably be in the magazines.....Luv ya Kimmie!!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

just for fun

Okay, I went to because supposedly they can tell you genealogy by your features. So just for the fun I tried. What it really does is scan your pic to see which celebs you look the most like and gives a % of how much you resemble each other. I used my best "raw" photo and this is who My Heritage says I look like...I kinda see a similarity in some of them. There was a couple more people but mostly Asian woman and I didn't know who any of them were. So, apparently I resemble either and white or Asian woman.

Izabella Scorupco 78%; Christina Ricci 78%; Jaime Pressly 72%; Angelina Jolie 72%; Kristin Kreuk 68%

Africa Pride

Assuming these people have all the good intention in the world, I'm still really pissed off that for some reason black children aren't more than a photo op and a charity of the moment. You know when these big hearted celebs got back to the luxrious bathrooms they spent a little extra time in the shower to get rid of whatever disease their delicate skin came in contact with. It makes me sick, because in a few months - maybe a year max, the plight of a dying Africa will be forgotten for a new charity. And I swear Madonna picked her new adopted "Malawi Child" like she would a pair of shoes. Somewhere in all this bullshit, I hope people (real people) take the oppurtunity to get involed to help needy children, and not just for a moment.

Reese Witherspoon @ Children's Defense Fund Awards; Leonardo DiCaprio in Mozambique; Madonna in Malawi; Beyonce in Nigeria

new favorite actress

italian vogue
I have a new favorite actress....Scarlett Johansson. She's my new favorite not because I saw her in some movie at made me cry or anything like that. Basically I like her swagger. Yep - she doesn't get all caught up in the tabloid drama, her style is classic sexy and she takes beautiful pictures (she takes a clean pic). Esquire even named her Sexiest Woman Alive 2006 (I don't know about all that) but I think her over all style is enough for her to be my new favorite. Hopefully she'll make a movie with gratuitous sex and violence so I'll be intrigued to watch.
esquire magazine

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Remember Thriller?

Micheal Jackson, 48 yrs old, made a strange appearance in St Tropez a few days ago. Be clear he's wearing a huge floppy sunhat, the three inch stilletos, skinny jeans and oversized handbag. He and his 8-year-old daughter Paris Michael Katherine Jackson were dressed in matching outfits....WTF. He's daughter is 8 and looks stressed the fuck out.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Jay-Z attends a press conference ahead of his concerts in South Africa at The Westcliff HotelJohannesburg, South Africa... Doesn't Jay-Z look nice and professional, you would really think he went to college. If only he would have worn a belt.

Beyoncé takes center stage among a group of orphans in Lagos, Nigeria, on Saturday, where she headlined the country's first annual ThisDay Music Festival along with Jay-Z.
Her smile looks so fake, sorry but it does. All I know is she better not adopt a baby with Jay while she's there. Please, just write the check and leave.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Caught out there

Someone caught a pic of Paris purse while at the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show in Milan. Her publicist said something about not drawing conclusions about the photo. But if you know, what I know - you know exactly what is in small zip lock...and really from the looks of it is not that good. All brown, fully of seeds. I mean, not that I would know. source

Friday, October 06, 2006


Night out in Paris - Headed to Chanel's Runway Show

I've been trying my best to ignore Katie Holmes and Posh's "friendship," but they're everywhere and by everywhere I mean all over Paris Fashion week. I really believe that there's something sinister about them hanging out. First why does Katie always stand one step behind Posh. And Secondly is this friendship an attempt to give Katie some style, and why did they go to the Chanel show (ok it's a hot show to see) but everyone knows that Nicole Kidman has Chanel on lock.... I foresee something bad in the future.
Nicole Richie - Italain Vogue
I love this girl like a cousin. You know, the cousin who got you drunk at the family reunion when you were 13. Anyway, I think she looks FAB!!! Bravo to you Nicole for being famous for no damn reason.

Please Help!!!

As usually I was minding my own business surfing the web when I came across this. If you know what this is tell a sistah. I'm praying this is for a movie or something. Please lord let it be.....hmm or maybe it's some kind of new age drug treatment program. At least two of these people are recovering coke addicts.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

I think I care?

Nicole Richie & Brody Jenner have broken-up after dating for just a few months. Earlier this week, Brody was seen with another girl sparking rumors that his relationship was on the rocks. On her MySpace Nicole said "I know there are rumors regarding my "breakup" with Brody Jenner. The truth is, we were never really together. We hung out, and he's a nice guy, but my heart was never in it. Anything further is just a cry for publicity." Nicole's Myspace

This has got to be the bitchiest comment ever. We were never really together? my heart wasn't it? Yeah okay...

R. Kelly Sued

Henry "Love" Vaughn man describing himself as a "mentor and guide" to R. Kelly since he was a teenager is suing the singer, alleging that he attacked him and reneged on an agreement to pay him for a song idea. In February, Vaughn said he went to Kelly's south suburban Olympia Fields home to watch a basketball game and that one of Kelly's other employees became "verbally abusive." Love also says Kelly and others dragged him to the basement, attacked him and held him against his will. Vaughn also says that "Step in Name of Love" was his song idea. source
Didn't R. Kelly give this Vaughn guy a shout in this song? You'd think that be enough.

Disco & Diamonds benefit for Cancer Research
Hosted by Denise Rich with G&P Foundation
Kimora Lee Simmons & Denise Rich

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


It's been rumored for a few weeks that Madonna wanted to adopt a little boy from Africa. Well, she done it. Madonna adopted a young boy in Malawi on Wednesday and moved ahead with plans to fund a center for 1,000 orphans, many of whom lost parents to AIDS in the impoverished African nation. source
I guess this is a good thing, but I really wish that people wouldn't adopt children to be "in style", and sometimes it is ok to just give money.

Lil' Kim and Darryl McDaniels of Run DMCAttends a 'Keeping the Promise to At-Risk Youth' Conference in aid of foster children and at-risk youth, held at the Woodrow Wilson Center Washington DC

Paris Hilton and Shanna Moakler have both filed police reports early Wednesday morning, alleging each was attacked. Paris says Shanna punched her in the mouth. Shanna claims Paris' ex shoved her down some stairs. The two women were at Hyde when the fight happened at 1:30am. Paris has been seen kissing Shanna's not yet ex-husband Travis Barker all over. So Paris say Shanna approached her yelling and cursing (no doubt calling Paris a dirty whore). After punching Paris dead in her grill (so ghetto) people tried to restrain Shanna. Shanna is saying that Paris ex's Stavros Niarchos pour a drink on her and pushed her down some stairs....this is taking HollyHood too far. source

Mya pics from the October/November issue of Complex Magazine.
If her album is as hot as the pics, she's gonna be platinum.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Russell Simmon's Birthday Party @ Lucky Strike- Miami

This pics look straight crazy(no pun intend).

Star: Ok, ok. Just let me lick the knife that cut the cake.

Al: Star, gurrl. As long as you're not tryin to lick me. Do you.

Russell: I can feel her breathing on my neck. Somebody take this cake before she attacks.
A legal notice in the weekly News-Record(a New Jersey) newspaper says Lauryn Hill owes the town $1,200 for sewage services for her home in South Orange, N.J. Yvette Noel-Schure, a spokeswoman for the former Fugees star who grew up in South Orange, would only say, "I will not ask her about her private finances." source
Doesn't Lauryn live in Atlanta or something now, she probably forgot about the property in Jersey. tryna make is seem like she's broke.
Mariah performing in Las Vegas

Poor Mariah, all the fame, money and stardom a girl could want and not one single friend to say "Nah, girl you look cuter in the other dress." The thing is Mariah can really sing so I don't understand why she dresses like a skank. She needs to leave that for (cough) Britney...At least wear a corset, that will give the slutty effect and hide your "problem areas."


Jay-Z and Nicky Hilton @ the Roberto Cavallii Milan Fashion Show
I realize that I should be saying that it's great Hip Hop has made it this far, but I swear Brooklyn sheds tears when Jay does this shit. The confusing part is I'll accept this stuff from Diddy but Hov, nope - I don't like it.

Stupid Luv

There has been a lot of talk about Trina and Lil Wayne getting each other's name inked, Fresh @ C&D investigated and the rumors turn out to be true. I personally would rather get my favorite breakfast cereal than some fools name.

oh, and in case you missed it. Lil Wayne has S.H.I.T. tatted on his finger and simply put Trina is the I in SHIT. Yea Diamond Princess!!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Janet's Album Release Pary @ Taos Las Vegas

Grace Jones is pissed Janet stole this outfit from her closet.

Janet - Jermaine Dupree & Janet- Sanaa Lathan- DJ D Nice & Melinda Williams-Gabrielle Union

Ok, first I really don't need to see anymore snake pics and second I just realized that Gabrielle Union and Sanaa Lathan weren't the same person.