Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Music: Ludacrismas

Ludacris made a motherf***in Christmas song called......(drumroll)


Bwhahahhahaahaha!!! I don't even know what I think about it yet, I can't stop laughing long enough to make a complete thought on the matter. It seems its for his new Fred Clause movie soundtrack, yeah he's in it.

As usual listen and tell me what you think.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving ReCap

I had half a mind not to do a Turkey Day post but here goes:

~ My old Jamaican uncle was harassed by a Gay couple on his flight. My uncle and the couple were seated in the same row and once they realized he was Jamaican, they as he put it, "began the most inappropriate public displays of affection" with the sole purpose of torturing him. All I could do was cut the tomatoes for the salad and not LOL in his face. Bless his homophobic heart. Btw his son is soooo geigh and in the closet!!!


~My mother was forced to call me by the "K" name, because this side of the family doesn't find the... lets say beauty in the "S" name. In fact they (grown ass people) pause, smile and/or giggle before saying the "S" name. :o) if you know the personal e-mail addy you'll understand.

~There was an under 35 side eye when my younger cousin decided to Crank that Soulja Boy at dinner.

^This same boy asked for a BATTING CAGE for Christmas. His mom said he write whatever he wants a piece of paper.bwhahaha Oh and the FULL Christmas List, this chile passed them out like flyers to a club. He's in his early teens so I'm blaming the hormones.

~ My older brother was the first to become clearly "tipsy" as he called it. There was a stumble and the plate fell but not the bottle of wine. *wipes away single tear* He is the wind beneath my drunk ass wing.

~After dinner folks was falling like dominoes. The *itis was kicking in strong. My cousin put his foot in that turkey.

~ Once folk recovered the men planned their shopping while the ladies watched football. Gotta love it!


.....and what I'm most Thank Full 4 :

I can leave my purse around my family un-attended and nothing comes up missing.

God Bless Family!!!

Oh Word Negus??!!

I have no issue hating on little kids and I was really hoping that this kid was going to mess up. BUT he came threw in end and spelled the word correctly. hahaha.... he almost crapped a brick in the process.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

News: Buckwheat Lives!!

HOUMA, La. -- A state representative in a runoff election infuriated civil rights leaders after she ended a conversation with the mother of the NAACP's local president by saying, "Talk to you later, Buckwheat."
State Rep. Carla Blanchard Dartez, of Morgan City, acknowledged she made the remark during a Thursday night telephone conversation with Hazel Boykin to thank her for driving voters to the polls.
Buckwheat, a black child character in the "Little Rascals" comedies of the 1930s and '40s, is viewed as a racial stereotype demeaning to black people.
Hazel Boykin's son, Jerome, is the NAACP's president in Terrebonne Parish. She is well-known as a 1960s civil rights activist, helping to desegregate restaurants and the parish school system.
Dartez has represented parts of Terrebonne, St. Mary and Assumption parishes since 1999. She has said she does not intend to drop out of the race.
"I made an insensitive comment when speaking with Hazel Boykin, and I have apologized to the Boykin family and publicly for my choice of words," Dartez said in a statement. "I have a strong record of fighting for issues important to the African American community; in fact, I have a 93 percent voting record with the Black Caucus." continue reading
* * * * *
When first heard about this I was a speechless, it seemed so absurd. As I thought about it I found some words. WTF was the woman thinking? A blackwoman is trying to help her community and she is called BuckWheat. Why didn't Rep. Dartez just say, "Thanks nigger. You were a great help." Calling a black person this is disrepectful pure and simple. This isn't a bullish grey area comment, where Rep. Dartez can say, "well black people say it so I thought it was ok." When black people call some Buckwheat its an insult and they (We- ME) mean that ish. And I don't care that she apologized, she had to apologize to save face. God only knows how long she's been dying to call someone Buck Momofukku Wheat. But I guess I'm supposed to file this under at least you know where she stands.....*counts backwards from 99 to calm down*

Friday, November 09, 2007

Music: Otis Redding

Guess what I found while digging through the crates, an Otis Redding throwback "I've been loving you."
I have so much love for old school R&B. A time where you really had to have soul and sang to be professional singer. *side-eye T-Pain* Something about this song puts me on pause so that I can soak up all his raw emotion without distraction. Makes you wanna find someone to wake up to. Enjoy the video.
p.s. I'm really feeling the black and white.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

News: Bye-Bye Black CEO

Black CEOs: A tiny group shrinks more
NEW YORK - It's getting lonelier at the top for black CEOs.
Only four blacks will be left running Fortune 500 companies after Stan O'Neal's abrupt retirement from the top spot at Merrill Lynch & Co. last week and Time Warner Inc. Dick Parsons' announcement Monday that he will retire at the end of the year.
That leaves Aylwin Lewis at Sears Holding Corp., Kenneth Chenault at American Express Co., Ronald Williams at Aetna Inc. and Clarence Otis at Darden Restaurants Inc. as the only black chief executives among this list of the nation's largest companies.
To some, the departures of O'Neal and Parsons underscore that all CEOs, whatever their race, have a short shelf life.
"In the best situations, these are not jobs you hold on to for more than five to seven years," said Alfred Edmond Jr., editor-in-chief of Black Enterprise magazine. "The bulletproof CEOs of the '80s — those days are long gone, even for white men."
Twenty years from now, Edmond predicts, there will be double the number of black CEOs, but that will still bring their total to fewer than a dozen. "The numbers are so small that any improvement will seem like a giant leap forward," he said.
On his short list are John Thompson, CEO of Symantec Corp., which is just shy of entering the Fortune 500; Ursula M. Burns, president of Xerox Corp., and Don Thompson, president of McDonald's USA at McDonald's Corp.
While the numbers now may be dispiriting, "10 or 15 years ago, we couldn't have had this conversation, because there was no one to talk about," Edmond said.
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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Stalking: Michael from Hell Date

Because I have Coco LaManeater tendencies I decided to start posting about MENZ!!! haha
My very first stalking victim is Michael from Hell Date. He is hawt, silly and a college graduate. Pretty boy Mike is a model, actor and musician. He brags about being a sax player, and I'm more than willing to act out scenes from Mo Better Blues* with him.
Micheal is 23 from Cali. He's straight and single!!
*I really don't remember what instrument Denzel played in that movie and that info is irrelevant to me wanting to give Micheal my goodies. :O)