Thursday, August 31, 2006

Laugh Now...

Between the “Dutty Wine” and the “Chicken Noodle Soup” some of ya’ll are looking real crazy out there. (Don’t get me wrong. I do both dances at home with the curtains closed but anyway). I’ll address each dance separately.
Jamaicans *sigh* I love my people but sometimes I wonder. How and why this dance got started I don’t know (I think I like it better that way). Nonetheless it’s the hottest dance out!! So hot, the dance is listed in Wikipedia. Where they say and I quote “Some doctors have warned against performing the Dutty Wine, claiming it may cause serious muscle trauma, and ligament damage.” imma leave that alone.
Okay, I live in Harlem and have been here for many years. *sigh again* Oh god, how can I explain this…umm, its like this. If you visit Harlem, you will understand why dances that come Harlem are based on crackheads. Sorry. Remember the “Harlem Shake” and now we have “Chicken Noodle Soup”. I actually like this dance, but I got too much up top to be jiggling like that. This is the girl (I think) who raps of the track. Link.
All that being said, I’ll stick to slow grinding on some thugs crotch. Hey it gets you more drinks and a ride home. (Kidding, I haven’t done that in at least 2-3 weeks).


Diddy casually announced that he is the proud owner of the new American Express® RED on the Funkmaster Flex Show here in NY. . . So is RED the new BLACK. . . Anyone who's anyone has the BlackCard. (yeah I'm nobody too - lol.) The new RedCard is special for a couple of reasons. Mainly because when ever you spend a certain amount of money American Express donates a portion to the Global Fund, a charity that supports "programs in Africa which positively impact the lives of women and children affected by HIV/AIDS."See, I knew Diddy was more than a "bottle poppin-music sampling- baby making machine."

If I were a man...

I would only date women who had subscription to Cosmo, and I'll tell you why. Have you read that magazine??!! It's all about sex. How to get it, when to get it, who's best to get it from, what to wear while getting it, how to stay healthy to get some more in the future... etc. As a man if I could find a woman with no kids, a job and reads Cosmo - I'm marrying her!.... Oh, one more thing every week they have "new positions." Hey, if you have a willing partner and a good back I say go for

I Think About Alcohol A LOT!!

So, I'm try to be healthy cuz it's in style now. Anyway, as I'm drinking my tasty Jamba Juice combination. I realize that if I poured a "lil' sum sumthing" in my cup a.) no one would notice and b.) the rest of my work day would be GREAT!! . . . as I regret not keeping a stash of alco in my office, it occurs to me that instead of pushing those stupid free boosts, they need to start offering a free shot. My personal top three choices would be Vodka, Tequila and Malibu Rum.

Just a suggestion.

Sexy File

I, like Diddy, am obsessed with being sexy and all things that make one sexy. So these are my current favorites things to aid in sexyocity (yeah I said that.)

1st is Vera Wang's Princess. Her new perfume is delicious (and the bottle is cute). It smells like fresh flowers and chocolate. So basically if you need to buy a female a gift I just help you out.

2nd Victoria's Secret Body Rush Lip Gloss. I'm sure everybody knows about this by now. I but I swear it makes the men drool at least 37% more over my lips, and it's cheap.

A Follower?

Okay... it basically came down to getting a Myspace or a blog. And well I never cared for random cyber thugs or old men trying to "meet a nice girl" - so Myspace is out.