Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Music: Alicia Keys - Like You'll Never See Me Again

I heard 2 seconds of this Alicia Key's song and I was feeling it. It reminds me of Prince's Purple Rain. Tell me what you think.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dating: The Neighbor Boy

As some of you may know already, I'm a little touched in the head. haha. So here's more evidence.

A young man who lives on my street has a crush on me and has asked me out a few time. I always politely decline, probably because he's a CoughNiceGuyCough. Ya'll know that not my type, but moving along.

I drive around the corner onto my street and I'm felling blessed because there is a parking spot waiting for me. I throw my car in reverse to parallel parking, then I notice a raggedy ass Jeep stopped behind me. I do my best fake smile "I'm parking, move you ish" and this woman is just grilling me. And it hits me, this chick is really trying to steal my parking spot while I'm in mid maneuver. WTF.

Just in time neighbor boy shows up, and says, "is this woman giving you a hard time? I got this." Neighbor boy approaches the crazy lady, speaks to hear for 3 seconds and I'm thinking "his ass can't handle ish." So I get out the car to scream on this woman. And you know what he does? HE yells at ME, telling me to get back in the car and park. So before I got back in the car, I looked his ass up-and-down and realized how cute his ass was. Bwhahaha. Pray for me ya'll. Men yelling at me should NOT be a turn on. Why Lawd? Why?

So I kept my spot and now I'm feeling neighbor boy. I love testosterone. (Like Fat Kids love cake). I love a man to not scared to step up and handle his business.

* * * * *

Remember I told you about my co-worker. The one that walks around me in circles (or half circles if I'm seated). Thankfully he stopped doing that, and decided to let me breathe. Well anyway I'm down to my last pair of blue contact lenses (yeah and what?) so I popped in a set of clear ones. I never would have thought this small alteration in my apperance would be such a big deal.

Long story short (I wish he would have given ME the condensed version) he spent 30 minutes trying to convince me that I was insecure, in denial and really didn't like who I'm as as a person. In my best I'm-at-work-so-won't-cuss-you-the-eff-out voice, I let him know my choice to wear colored contacts is not that serious. Some woman wear make-up, wigs whatever and he would never come at them that way, so leave me alone with splash of color. Especially since he was sweating my ass hard when he thought it was natural. Once he realized that I suffering from low self-esteem like he hoped, homeboy tells me I'm conceited. I laughed, rolled my eyes and changed the subject.

Somewhere in the new conversation I forgot that he was a complete jackass, and when he asked me to take him part way home I said ok. I'm mad but glad that I did. On the ride he called me shallow, insecure, a know-it-all, and AGAIN conceited ....but then you know what this negro asked me? Why won't I go on a date with him???? !!!!!! Oh, I had to break it down. NOW he's trying to convince me that he's not a jerk. This went on for 20 minutes. Then he asked me to put the A/C on because he was sweating. It's like 50 degrees outside LOL. Next 20 minutes I stoped listening, so I don't know what he said, but I did ask him to get out my car. He then stayed running his mouth for ANOTHER 20 MINUTES!!!! 60 minutes total.

It's about to get real ackward at the work place.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Music: Trey Song - Can't Help But Wait

Yeah, I decided I'm on a spread love crusade. So here's Trey Song's "Can't Help But Wait"

Hey, ladies. Yeah, YOU!!! Remember there's always some dying for the chance to Love You.

Rants: Black Man Don't Believe It!!

All of a sudden the state of Black men in America has a become a major social issue. Mainly focusing on the way that Black men have failed the Black family. I've listened and read various opinions and I have even twisted up my face at the "numbers".

But today I heard something that pissed me off. I enjoy radio talk shows that focus in African American issues - it's a Sunday highlight for me really. Anyway, as I'm listening I hear one man after another say "I never learned how a man is suppose to maintain a family," or "there wasn't a man around to teach me how to be a man."

These types of statement disturbs my soul. Why because I think it disrespectful and ignorant. Yep, I said. A lot of Black men have used these kinds of statements as a crutch for their neglect of home. If YOU know a man that uses these statements as a crutch, please tell him to STOP. And I'm being dead ass serious.

The male guest on this radio talk show listed all the things they believed could only be taught from a man to a boy. And aside from learning how to shaving, it all sounded like bullish to me. I never learned how to love a woman. I never learned what role a man plays in the house. I never learned how to court a woman and create a sustainable relationship. You maybe reading and seeing these as accurate statements about many Black men's steps into manhood. I Do Not.

If you are a Black boy raised by a Black women you've learned far more than your giving yourself credit for. As a child growing, you see everything. You see your mother wishing for roses on Valentine's Day, or yearning for someone special to ring in the New Year with. You learned what roles a man plays in the house every time your mother went to her second job, or asked someone to help her out with some money until she got paid. Or the time when she's asked you to hold the chair so she could reach sometime up high. Hell, what about the times when mom said, "Baby, I only have two hand." What about the time when mom came home mad because some crude man grabbed at her on the way home - you as a man, learned how to approach a woman and you know what a woman wants to hear. Now the part about maintaining a relationship - if you can maintain friendship with your boys for years, you can maintain a relationship. I know I'm over simplifying because there's sex and emotions in a relationship. But if you have a woman willing to pretend that giving you head in the highlight of her day, you can give that woman a the same level of respect and commitment you give to your friends. Beside your boys ain't blowing you. Or maybe they are? I'm not judging.

Nonetheless, I'm sure you see my point. If Black men where to say they were afraid, anxious or even BRAINWASHED to believe that they can't love black women or raise their children, I'd believe that. But don't say you never learned- It's disrespect for to the Village of Woman that raised you.

Black men stop letting the world paint you with the weak man brush.

p.s. this rant is from the heart. Think of it as your mother cussing you out for bringing home B's when she knows your capable of A's. :O)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

News: Strippers have Diseases!!!

Big Mama told you those hoes were nasty....

Tuberculosis outbreak blamed on stripper

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - Dozens of people in St. Maarten are being treated for latent tuberculosis after health officials warned that they may have been exposed to the illness by a stripper infected with an active form of the disease.

At least 40 people tested positive after the health department treated an exotic dancer from the Dominican Republic several months ago and sent her home, according to a government news release issued Friday.

Health officials struggled to identify those exposed, launching a public campaign to urge anyone who had contact with the woman to seek treatment. They now believe they have identified everyone infected. source

* * * * *

Can you imagine what kind of diseases she releasing from her other lips??

Friday, October 19, 2007

Music: Cassidy Vs Jay-Z??

Cassidy was asked in an interview with SOHH, how he felt about releasing an album the same day as Jay-z, and this was his answer:

…..Hov legendary but I think right now the way that I got the hood on smash and
the way that my song is popping off. I don’t think it would be a smart decision
for Hov to drop on November the 6th. With the type of buzz the type of song he
got out now. It’s not like a volume 1 or 2 going drop it’s a lot different. It’s
going to be beneficial the same way that Kanye and 50 both benefited from
dropping on the same day. I think if I drop on the same day as someone as
legendary as Hov, I can’t do nothing but benefit from that.

I was never the biggest Jay-z fan, but Cassidy…..You are tripping!!! Please don’t do it to yourself. I like your music but don’t compare yourself to Jay-Z. Your not even fighting in the same weight class as Camel D**k. I don't know which chick you got rubbing your back and gassing you up like this, but that broad needs to stop.

And before you think I’m going soft on the Jigga man, his single Blue Magic isn’t even in the Top Ten Rap Singles on Billboard. Check for your self. Or check here. Scroll down to 37. He’s a "legend" and a CEO, but still can’t make it into the Top Ten. Bwhahahahaha!!!! Flex drop a bomb on that!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Bob Marley ft Lauryn Hill - Lights Down Low

With all the problems of the world today, I just wanted to spread some Blaque Luv.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Movies: Heartbreak Kid

This is not a movie review, but I did see the Heartbreak Kid this weekend. The movie was funny - in a very typical Ben Stiller fashion.

I do however have a small issue with the movie. I think it was a bit coughracistcough. I could be over sensitive, but there were some suspect things in that movie.

First, Ben Stiller's father in the movie was behaving in a ghetto/hip hop manner. I know that all black people are not inherently ghetto and/or hip hop - but certain stereotypes are linked to Black culture. That being said I didn't like the cool, hip hop Dad saying, "Bytchez be crazy." It bothered me.

Secondly, half way through the movie Stiller is having sex with his movie wife and she says, "Fux me like a Blackman." The 90% White movie theater howls with laughter. I lean over to person I'm with to say, "..that was racist." Another Blackwoman (not with me) hears what I said and replies, "It sure was." Ben Stiller then gives his wife a rendition of the jackhammer. NOW I'm thinking- Whoa so that's how Blackmen fux. The woman who overheard my comment, gets up. I thought she was going to the ladies room but she never returned to her seat. When I realize that she walked out and I didn't, I felt like a laughing coon because I shrugged it off and continued to watch and laugh.

Thirdly, the only Black person to speak in the Heartbreak Kid was a little girl that was clearly mixed. This could be nitpicking but it hard for me to accept movie societies were Black people marginally exist.

* * * * *
Sidebar: I saw Teyana from My Super Sweet 16. She's pretty and mad cool. I say cool because we stole her friend's parking spot in Harlem and she didn't spaz out. :O)