Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Quote : I thought you knew!!

If I'm in public and there is a loud conversation going on - I listen. I think of it as God's way of keeping me entertained while I'm away from TV. So the other day I hear this:

Lady: Hey, How are you and Tasha doing?
Man: Good. Me and Wifey are doing good.
Lady: That's nice. You know you're better than me. I couldn't be with anybody that scandlous.
Man: What?
Lady: You know, the why Tasha said she was pregnant so you'd move her in and start paying her bills. Then she say she doesn't want the baby and asks for money for an abortion, but takes the money to go shopping. That's how she got her last man.
Man: What??!!
Lady: Oh my bad I thought you knew.

This lady knew homeboy was clueless, otherwise she wouldn't have told him the whole story. If anyone ever says "I thought you knew" that's there way for fucking up your day!!! That person has probably been waiting to fuck up your day. Wait for you to me smiling, looking happy as hell just so they can stick it to you. That lady walked away with a big ass smile, meanwhile the man is looking pathetic as all hell. Some people just ain't right.


Jury Duty said...

I do that same thing SK...

I stay ear hustling! At restaurants, work, and wherever theres something going on. I love it...

That's messes up that lady put his business out there like that. *smh*
It's crazy being the fly on the wall though, because you can look at all the facial expressions


Coco LaRue said...

I love living in NYC precisely for this reason! The shit you can overhear sometimes is better than anything you could ever see on TV. Por ejemplo:

Waitress: You guys are not from around here?
English tourist: No, we are from England.
Waitress: You sure do speak good English.
English tourist: Most of us do, back home.


S.K. said...

Coco - I just choked on my coffee.
Classic!!! lol