Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rants: Dude Pull Down Ur Skirt - Ur Panties R Showing

I hate when men a like chicken heads!!
Late at night I hear my phone ringing. I don't even look to see who calling because I chillin' and about to go to bed. Then it rings again. Nope still didn't answer it. Then my cell rings for the 3rd time. Clearly, whoever is calling thinks I'm a sleep and wants to wake me up. It might be an emergency so I answer:
Male: oh you got a new boyfriend or something why aren't you answering my calls?
S.K. : *rolls eyes*
I grew up with enough iggnant ass men to know, Don't answer no bytchs questions. So I change the subject, until he calms down and we get off the phone amicably. The guy live a few hours away, and lives with his girl. HE IS NOT MY MAN. And truthfully I'm NOT checking for him. So....WTF IS HE DOING??
My main problem with his phone calls was that it was done out of pure HATE!! If I'm not your chick and you think I'm laid up with the next dude, why would you try to blow up MY SPOT??!!


me said...

lmbao! Oooh I do hate the bitch ass questions from men. *ignoring the fact that I see my husband below* I told this one dude directly, I can't stand a whining begging ass grown man. I wouldn't even tolerate that nonsense from my son when or if I have one.

Markus said...

LMAOO damn I thought women were the only ones that do that kinda shit to "just find out" if you boo'd up.

Qucifer said...

um, I thought you knew that once a man pisses on your spot or impregnates you or has sex with you...especially an ignant one... you're his forevermore!

The Bear Maiden said...

LOL, qucifer. Truedat!

SK, I had some calls like that... had the audacity to get mad cuz I DID have someone there... my babydaddy who I was mostly trying to get away from. Dude had the nerve to be all mad when he found out, the balls to give me grief... as he was sneaking the damn phone call from his wife when she sent him to the G*ddam grocery store!!!

MIA Shawn said...

I think it's so rude to call back to back like that. Either the person isn't there or they don't want to talk to you. I'm sure he wouldn't like it if you called him like that. *Michelle voice* "How rude" But dudes like to let another man know of their presence, regardless of their situations or intentions.

BlogXilla - Smching since 1979 said...

here what you do, send him a text message w/ the address to this blog. LMAO!! you should have SMCH' him

Smch (sm'OO'tch') The sound of sucking ones teeth in utter disgust!!