Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

New Years is definitely one of my top 3 holiday. Its all about new beginnings and celebrating life. I did get shyt faced and lets just say I took a "nap". I got my first booty call for the year. It's ignorant, but it makes me feel special that I tops of someone list :o)
Oh and here's a thought: Slaves were granted their freedom by the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1st, 1863. That's means us darkies in American have been free for less than 150 years. Let that marinate.


DEEZEE said...

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DEEZEE said...

Fly blog check me out here:

bex-n-effect said...

You already got a booty call?? I'm jealous! :)

Qucifer said...

well GODDAMN neither you nor I wasted any damned time aint it??!!

Don said...

Some of us still aint free. lol. At least we don't act like we are. Freedom begins between the ears, anyways.

lol @ first booty call

I aint tripping.

Happy o8!

The Bear Maiden said...

LOL. You go girl. I got a booty call but I turned it down. "New Year, New Rules". Silly me!

It's freaky to know we've been free less than 150 years. In some ways we have come far, far, far. In some ways we have not. I sometimes think we are further behind today than we were during the Reconstruction, cuz we kicked @ss back then.

Heaven Help Us All....

And here's to 08!!!