Friday, January 04, 2008

Music: Hope & Jazmine Sullivan

I might be late (or early) to some, but I'm sharing some new people that I am feeling. Put your candles and bubble bath listening ears on. These are both in the grown-n-sexy category.
<< Hope - I first heard one of her song on of all places Perez Hilton. (Imagine that!!) And I fell in Love!! Her song Who am I to say is so sweet and personal. Just a guitar and simple vocals always gets me. Apparently this song was on the soundtrack to "Why Did I Get Married?" *crickets*
Here are the Links: Who Am I to Say- Listen

>>Jazmine Sullivan is19 with a Grown voice and apparently been on the music scene for a while now. What I like about her most is that she isn't scared to sing. A lot of people do that talk singing (which annoys me) so that it will get those pop radio spin. But every once in a while we need to hear some of that old school R&B flavor. Jazmine's song that I'm feeling is In Love With Another Man. (I really want to leave this song on some one's voicemail but that would be childish). Again with the links:
In Love with Another Man - Listen & Jazmine's Myspace.


Univgurl said...

I love it! Gimme more, S.K. I'm burning a hole in my Zune playing the same stuff because I'm not exposed to decent material anymore.

maiablue said...

i love me some jazmine sullivan, her music is so soulful and her voice is the business. she did a version of say i (which that notalent woman christina milan did ) and i personally like jazmines better. she did write the song btw.

Markus said...

I've been diggin Jazmine for a minute. She was signed to Missy's label I think back in 2004 but you know how that goes. I hope she comes out with some new material. I think she's about 22 or 23 now. You should check out her song called "Round Midnight" or her versions of "Resentment" and "Prototype"

S.K. said...

WOW!! I didn't know Jazmine had a following like this.

But everything you guys mentioned, I will be checking them out!!!


Eb the Celeb said...

i love jazmine... havent heard of the other chick though... but will definitely check her out